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Karlie Kloss

The only thing more inspiring than #karllagerfeld’s prolific creative genius was his kind heart, generosity and irr…

1 day ago

Sara Sampaio

Though I never got the privilege to work with you, you remain still as one of my biggest inspirations. Fashion died…

1 day ago

Seth Abramson

If Proof of Collusion devastated you (as it did me) with how much treachery Trump and his minions provably and in a…

4 days ago

Carcosa Dweller

RT @ellle_em: When we position privilege as necessary to enjoying things like fashion or whatever we open the door for the whole "POOR PPL…

30 minutes ago

Sandeep Shenoy

#JadaPinkettSmith #Defends #AnneHathaway in ‘ #RedTableTalk’ #Discussion About #White #Privilege…

1 hour ago

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