Fat tweets

Dale Halvey

Hahaha the fat Spanish waiters face when torres missed


6 years ago

Wicked Calamity Jane

Haley: Do you think I'm fat? Nathan: What? Of course not. Haley: Do I have a little head? Nathan: No. I love your head.


6 years ago

Chimere Nicole

@DaMadd_Hatter o yes I did. Enjoyed gtn fat on thanksgiving. Lol u eat good.?


6 years ago

jeremy ashe

RT @50cent: Yea fat girls I ain't wit it SMSaudioRT @StillLCutz: @50cent is there anything you won't conquer 50?


6 years ago

William™ Siahaan®

And now!!! Nil Maizar think if he play a fat man we will win


6 years ago

Nina Mukherjee

I'm craving a big fat torta


6 years ago

outhere brothers

@SaundoKop304 ye mate, can't trust the fat waiter to play him every week, hopefully silva and Fellani score #boomtime


6 years ago

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