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Kelvin Yu

In retrospect, it might have been a mistake to give Facebook all of my personal information in exchange for seeing…

4 days ago

Nate Lerner

Mike Pence frequently used his personal AOL account to do government business while serving as governor of Indiana,…

5 days ago

Beto O'Rourke

Whether it's using a firm like Cambridge Analytica or sponsoring a bill that sells our personal information, there'…

4 days ago

Missguided Help

@chl0conut Hey Chloe. We're sorry if the price is changing there. Can you please DM us a screenshot of it being adv…

3 days ago


@Dr_EdFisher_UK @krylani @bigbreezo @TheSecretDome @barmanamar1976 @NASA @Space_Station Logic with information and…

3 days ago