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Indonesia & China sudah menandatangani kerjasama 23 proyek. Hal ini membuat sejumlah pihak khawatir kemungkinan jeb…

1 month ago

Bernie Sanders

Uber and Lyft drivers are striking to make clear: while technology can often be an instrument of progress and effic…

1 month ago


今日から『Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活』とのコラボを開始っぷるる! 毎日ログインするだけでアイテムGETできるイベントやモンスターのドロップアイテムを集めてアイテムGETイベントもあるっぷるる! #メイプルM…

1 month ago

Make Orwell Fiction Again⏳

RT @davidsirota: Uber drivers are striking for better wages today -- so in solidarity with the drivers, @BernieSanders today published a ma…

1 month ago

movie mania

RT @zinan_mohammed: @Forum_Reelz Twitter is for everyone..or is it your daddy's?

1 month ago