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Berlin Football Weekends

However, it’s still not certain if or when spectators can attend games in Berlin. But the away games in Brandenburg…

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RT @OliverBerlau: @JamesDelingpole Germany's universal health care (KVG) marked its 137th birthday on June 15. There was no clapping, the…

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B. Rayfield

@john_iamme @HelmMarteena @ndrew_lawrence But I defer to any lawyers here who know and can properly cite federal ca…

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B. Rayfield

@john_iamme @HelmMarteena @ndrew_lawrence I’m guessing you are not a lawyer, or wear pinhole glasses. The exception…

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B. Rayfield

@john_iamme @HelmMarteena @ndrew_lawrence Based on a review of numerous state public health laws, w/ typical expres…

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