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Donald J. Trump

.....United States Supreme Court is given additional information from which it can make a final and decisive decisi…

1 month ago

Judd Legum

1. Trump spending significant resources on a highly manipulative online ad campaign designed to make it appear that…

1 month ago

Richard N. Ojeda, II

Nothing like watching folks from WV gripe about immigrants when literally 98% of our state is white! You’re not poo…

1 month ago


RT @VeronicaDR30: Esre hombre está en Elche y está desesperado. Twitter hace milagros, le dais un rt aunque sea? Seguro que si le sale trab…

1 month ago

Daisy Razor Scooter

@anne_theriault I'm on it. (I got this one at an estate sale, so I think it's vintage 70s.)

1 month ago