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Seth Grahame-Smith

THE SCREENWRITER DAY PLANNER: Twitter/ morning rage scroll (1 hr) Open screenplay file (1.2 sec) Tweet snarky repl…

1 day ago


From 13-23 July there'll be lockdown in the city. It'll be in two phases - first between 13 to 18 July when only me…

2 hours ago

Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Here is a link to their open letter. I hope the powers that be resolve this matter immediately

3 days ago

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Rep. Ilhan Omar

Kentucky has ONE polling place for 616,000 voters. Mitch McConnell has allowed the bill to restore the Voting Rig…

2 weeks ago

Secretary Pompeo

Whether it’s freedom for the people of Hong Kong, human rights for the Rohingya, all across the world,…

2 weeks ago

Ari Berman

As Kentucky votes today, Mitch McConnell is blocking legislation to: -restore Voting Rights Act -adopt nationwide…

2 weeks ago

Peter Theophilos

RT @McKaylaRoseJ: I had someone ask me the other day "How do you know which side are the good guys?" I told her it's usually the side that…

2 weeks ago


@disco_socialist that’s so embarrassing. this is why gamers don’t deserve rights.

2 weeks ago