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@TheBrutalSax @_Hikelos @FinalFantasy XIII was still the beginning of SE trying to appeal to Western audiences with…

38 minutes ago


@_viridea_ @_Hikelos @FinalFantasy Idk. XII didn’t have any interesting characters outside Balthier and Fran. And m…

43 minutes ago


@TheBrutalSax @_Hikelos @FinalFantasy Nah, It was a step back. I bet you can tell me more about FFX and XIII and ev…

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@_Hikelos @FinalFantasy Without XIII there would be no XV. They we originally related games. I don't hate either of…

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@_Hikelos @FinalFantasy You can't like a character you don't really know about... Also you don't have to auto play…

1 hour ago

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@lottePon Oh! I only just saw this sorry. I'll go for Tamamoe if she's still available.

3 days ago

﹂ tuyu ﹁

@BreakingYsh TAMAMOE

1 week ago