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Rida Fatima

The moment when you find two almonds in the same shell. :-)

7 years ago

Irfaldy Leonard A

Hope you find happiness there..with something or maybe someone new.oke melodyasisya ({})

7 years ago

Kong Ai Ching

Dig deep. Find out who you are.

7 years ago

Steve Phythian

The lot of the grassroots coach - can't go on the pitch it's too wet and then find the grass we would have used is frozen !

7 years ago


RT @margo_my: Praying for a Blue December! Praying that the beautiful waters of #taiji remain Blue 4 December! Praying the 'fishermen' f ...

7 years ago

Hi Im Jasmineee :

RT @IAmKeyia_Money: High school changes people. Some for the better, some for the worst. But if one thing is true; you find out who your ...

7 years ago

Ali T

RT @WomensInstitute: Its the WI Real Jam Festival and Christmas Fair today! Are you coming to Denman to find out more? #WIjamfestival ht ...

7 years ago

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