Find A Doctor tweets

Taylor Ruelas

If you can find a single flaw in @carrieunderwood let me know, ill be the first to take you to the eye doctor #perfection

11 years ago

Dawn ♡

Gotta find me a good doctor in houston ..

11 years ago

Sharuba 

I need to find myself a doctor hubby and quit school. #MyPlan

11 years ago

Diamond Brown

I'm so glad I'm single I really got to find myself after I become a doctor and write my book I think it will be best for me to settle down

11 years ago

Nams *‎​┈̥-̶̯͡

I wanted to be a doctor and find a cure for cancer!. RT @Tendaijoe: What grownup job did you want to have when you were a child?"

11 years ago

Stephanie Cannon

RT @KenInEastman: #liberaltvshows Doctor Who-the-Heck-can-find-a-docto- r? #tcot

11 years ago


Wow find a new doctor RT @_BajanPrincessB: Look at it n let me go

11 years ago

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