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@JamessReality @darrengrimes_ @ConHome Again, travelling to assist a vulnerable child is permissible for people pro…

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R.V. Butler 📚🏔️🦌🧙‍♀️✨

You guys, I was trying to find the episode of Lamb Chop we had on VHS as a kid, and it turns out it's called, "Don'…

10 hours ago

t Lopez 🇺🇸👨🏽‍🚒⛑🥃🍺🏂🚒

Wish zoom was back in college, wait I will find a babysitter a have a few drinks and fun!!!

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@JLBKL @CiaranMurtagh @MsLauraTeeee @IanDunt Please highlight the “to find a babysitter” passage for me.

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RT @athaphann: THE BABYSITTER [brightwin filo au] in which vest (bright), a childlike college students lost his favorite flushies at schoo…

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Felipe Neto

Gente... Um dos melhores vídeos do ano. Esses dois merecem um Oscar! Como usar o brilhantismo, o talento e o humor…

1 week ago

James Woods

Let’s face it. Donald Trump is a rough individual. He is vain, insensitive and raw. But he loves America more than…

1 week ago


Chego a conclusão que @Flamengo 2 x 1 River será sempre ao vivo para os rubro-negros. A festa no meu bairro é impressionante

1 week ago

Elmo el Patron

@SoyStarKYT Un poco op no te voy a mentir

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Gökhan Varlı

RT @veryansintvcom: A Haber Kudüs’ü İsrail’e dahil etti! #KudüsFilistininBaşkentidir

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