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Chanté 🇩🇲🇯🇲🇬🇭

I find comments like this so strange cause I know for white people roadman = black person and they think that we're…

1 day ago


Are you basic? Don't know? Find out just how basic you are with this super quick quiz:

7 hours ago

Jack Rose

When you try and do a serious piece to camera, only to find that basic English is something you struggle with, I pr…

1 week ago

A Motherless Jet

You'd think with the RAM they're using that you wouldn't need to wait just to scroll up basic text messages, but I…

2 minutes ago


Halo admin mino. Help me to find a closed agency (prefer new or soon to be and basic) sulli's slot is avail. Thankyou @CLSDGotLove

5 minutes ago

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