Fingerhut Catalog tweets

Grace DeVita

Ok I got another "last FINGERHUT catalog. This one has $600 pre-approved credit. Who wants it?

6 years ago

Musicus Raganbonipus

Jeff Foxworthy said, "if you've ever financed a (rifle) scope, you might be a redneck." Guess what's in the new Fingerhut catalog?

6 years ago

AnNa MaE MoNroE


6 years ago


When they start selling Coogi in the FingerHut catalog- its time to let it go!

6 years ago

saul lubaroff

Fingerhut Stop sending me your Stoopid catalog!

6 years ago

Loretta Erses

Fingerhut is a catalog retailer and an online retailer. Fingerhut was founded in 1948 by William Fingerhut and...

6 years ago

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