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@ktz_alias @Qiita 元ネタはこれ(ってかそのままなんだけど) #firebird

6 days ago

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Judd Legum

Trump just summoned the Justice Department and the head of the FBI to his office and demanded documents related to…

3 weeks ago

Candace Owens

Democrats tend to ask questions about Donald Trump's mental health. When are they going to start asking the tough q…

3 weeks ago

David P Gelles

NEW: Trump's lawyers are looking to limit or eliminate questions regarding Trump's conduct after he won the preside…

3 weeks ago


RT @klmr: ❓ “Is static typing worth the trade-off?” ❓ — Let me answer by summarising one of my favourite scientific papers of 2017 … http…

3 weeks ago


RT @mattybooz: I've never related to Demi more in my life.

3 weeks ago