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Nintendo of Europe

🔊 Turn your sound on and prepare for the battlefield with the song "Fódlan Winds" from #FireEmblem: Three Houses, c…

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Nintendo España

🔊 Sube el volumen y prepárate para el combate con el tema "Vientos de Fódland" de #FireEmblem: Three Houses. ¡Estar…

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Nintendo France

🔊 Montez le son et préparez-vous à combattre sur le champ de bataille avec la musique "Les vents de Fódlan" de…

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Hail to the Queen baby

RT @LizzIkanaka: My piece for the @fecasualmode art project! I chose to draw Celica at the park~ Please look forward to the project's offic…

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RT @maikantopia: Today's (3/26) #FireEmblemHeroes comic translation features Chrom (and Lissa) learning that not all little sisters are li…

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