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Mozilla、「Firefox Send」の再開を断念 ~無償のファイル送信サービス/Firefox/Androi- d間でメモを同期できる「Firefox Notes」も11月にシ…

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Lea Verou

Ever wished there was a shorthand for the top, right, bottom, and left properties? There is! It's called "inset":…

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Watching ‘The Social Dilemma’ documentary on Netflix. Fascinating. Interviews with ex Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Goog…

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Donald J. Trump

On Air Force One heading to Wisconsin. Biden refused to go there to apologize for not showing up for the failed Dem…

1 day ago

Ben Shapiro

Bill De Blasio has now shut down the schools to Follow The Science (TM) despite 63 reported new covid cases yesterd…

1 day ago

Mehdi Hasan

It is difficult for the uninitiated to fully comprehend how much poison Fox News injects into US public life on a n…

2 days ago

Andy Ngo & Ian Miles Cheong are Profa thieves.

RT @darthstar99: @th3j35t3r What was hilarious about his last news conference was how blatant he was, "These laws are stupid. Why can't I g…

20 hours ago

Castles Made of Sand

@Scouty00 @davidfrum "Republican leaders have failed to intervene, Americans have not" is the best political commen…

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