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Rough first season for Billy Napier in Gainesville. Florida lost to Georgia, FSU, LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt this year

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THIS IS HUGE: State Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden, whose great-grandfather was lynched in Tennessee in the 1930s, will be…

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The Athletic CFB

South Carolina beats ranked opponents in consecutive weeks! First Tennessee — and now No. 8 Clemson falls at home.…

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ronald s shearer

@joerexrode Milton's first pass to Hyatt was there 👍, but after that he way, way, overthrew at least 5 wide open re…

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RT @wbir: In 1955, the Oak Ridge 85 became the first Black students to integrate public schools in the southeast. Now, the community is pus…

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Occupy Democrats

BREAKING NEWS: Trumper Kanye West is hit with devastating news as iconic fashion brand Balenciaga cuts ALL business…

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Grant Stern is boosted!

Dark Brandon is on FIRE tonight taking down the spiteful Republicans who hate student loan relief but took hundreds…

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RT @AltTwinkkid3: @AltTwinkkid Telegram Access 102full videos Onetime payment life time access Payment thru gcash or bank transfer Inclu…

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RT @hodgetwins: To put things into perspective, the guy who actually killed the kids was ordered to pay $1.5 million to the families.

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