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"I wouldn’t cross a union picket line and I can’t cross this one,” Cheney-Lippold said in a statement sent by…

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The Daily Caller

OPINION: New ‘First Man’ Trailer Tries To Repair The Flag Flap Damage

2 hours ago

Rachel Hawkins

I shaved my fanny without nipping a flap.

1 day ago

Gregory Flap Cole

RT @SPACEdotcom: After Pluto, New Horizons Probe Draws Near to Its Next Target: Ultima Thule

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RT @taeforguk: jeongguk was supposed to make tae’s shirt flap during anpanman but tae did the reverse and jeongguk is just so cute!!!! http…

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twenty one pilots

back in june we shot the music video for Jumpsuit in iceland. here is a video taking a look behind the scenes, all…

2 weeks ago

Charlie Savage

The NYT has obtained some of the secret "committee confidential" Kavanaugh emails Republicans have kept secret, inc…

2 weeks ago

Chuck Schumer

I stand w/ Judiciary Committee Democrats who are well within their rights to release these very important documents…

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デレステでプラチナオーディションガシャ1日1回10連無料キャンペーン中!! 結月さんの本日の結果はこちら!! #デレステ #デレステ10連ガシャ無料 #デレステ3周年

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