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flossie oloughlin

Ah, still no East London flights. Driving to PE to fly to Jhb doesnt make sense

8 years ago

Stephen Surgenor

@danielle_edgar you're so lucky, I'm near back in business here making the money for these flights then back out next weekend :D xx

8 years ago

Dian Izzati

@ateeqatiqah @syarahlina @EirahKeciq95 @StaRiya94 sadly,lion air have no flights to japan :/

8 years ago


@SmithWHUFC @mrmongooseee @tompkins1994 @dannyyyyyD @LeanMeanBryn total price per person is £175 (flights and hotel).. Is everyone cool?

8 years ago


Okay, I'm done. But foreeeal, waiting for flights to board is seriously the worst.

8 years ago

sophie cain ✌

@louiseechadwick I know, such long flights haha, yeah I did, new phone?

8 years ago

freshJet Virtual

November saw a 71% decrease in flights compared to last year, whereas October saw a 78% decline. Let's hope December gives us more hope!

8 years ago

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