Food tweets


Hope I don't finish my drink before the food comes like always.

7 years ago

Abdullah Altuwayjri

RT @ItsLaQueefa: I'm on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.

7 years ago


The things I would do for fast food right now... IT'S 3AM WHY AREN'T ANY OF YOU OPEN?!

7 years ago

☯~ ellie ~

RT @bl4ckcurrant: food > people

7 years ago

Politically Minded

McJobs Should Pay, Too: It's Time for Fast-Food Workers To Get Living Wages

7 years ago

Maria Baptista

I've harvested 600 of food! #ipad, #ipadgames, #gameinsight

7 years ago

محمد رودي فردوس

@farahtcharles hah! What kind of food ure expecting? Seafood?

7 years ago

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