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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Human Capital Stock. An ugly term w ugly history, but for many powerful ppl it‘s their most honest view of workers…

1 month ago

Governor Roy Cooper

A face covering signifies strength and compassion for others. Wearing one shows that you actually care about other people’s health.

1 month ago


The people have spoken. So, we decided to actually do it. Our limited edition beer is available now for pre-sale;…

1 month ago


RT @YMCbuzz: The #InageneDNATest ONLY tests for ONE thing; how your body is likely to respond to different medications for pain, & any ment…

1 month ago

Leigh? Gongaga

RT @ft_variations: Larry Kramer was deeply committed to health care for all and he would have spit in your face for cutting New York’s heal…

1 month ago

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