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Robert T. Kiyosaki

Giving a poor person money keeps them poorer longer…often forever; give them knowledge instead. #richdad

2 weeks ago

Colorado Buffaloes

Forever Buff @I_CU_boy needs your votes again! We KNOW the former @RunRalphieRun RB was the best rookie in the NFL…

1 week ago

Rocky Karlage

RT @HighheelsDes: Happy Weekend Friends ❤️ Be brave Be wild And stay forever hungry for life, love, knowledge and adventure. https://t.c…

6 days ago


The swelling sphere gravitates towards the open ring of your nose, and grows until it locks in place, fusing to the…

6 days ago

Miranda Pearce

RT @SLAMDUNKASR: All these complaints about badges really remind me of how high school students have 0 knowledge of the outside world. Coll…

6 days ago