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Charlie Kirk

Do you notice that Diane Feinstein doesn't take any of her time to denounce the protests or screaming happening in…

1 month ago

Tariq Nasheed

All these suspected white supremacists who are doing this #NikeBoycott are fully aware that Kaepernick (and other p…

1 month ago

Prakash Raj

#sophia....didn’t you know that.....THEY can abuse...fake..create a lie and call everyone NAMES they choose...but t…

1 month ago


Very interesting read. Important to remember while technology and innovation can create amazing things, they can al…

1 month ago

♡+:。.claris。.。:+♡ || wanna one fansupport/packs!!

@allmyuwusforu @Joejangie my spot infront as well . still am very traumatised by everything as i was dragged out tw…

1 month ago