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Never be afraid to create what you want to create. What one person may dislike, ten others may love ❤

1 month ago


明日、10月26日(木)19:56~放送の「ぐるぐるナインティナイン」(日本テレビ系列)は東京ディズニーリゾートでゴチ2時間SP! 爆笑問題・太田光さんと川島海荷さんが参戦!ブルゾンちえみさんのスペシャル仮装も必見です!…

1 month ago


Don't create a problem where there isn't one

1 month ago

Jeff Peterson

@realDonaldTrump Once the doctor "fires" you or cuts you off for an issue they create you are left to fend for your…

1 month ago