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Jackie Speier

This is important. The Senate filibuster requires 60 votes to pass any bill. We couldn’t make Roe the law without 6…

22 hours ago

John Fetterman

“Hey People Magazine, welcome to my crib(s)” - Dr. Oz, literally As a general rule of thumb, celebrity TV doctor…

9 hours ago

Rafael Correa

Si a mí me quisieron vincular con un narco por una foto de 13 años atrás, ¿vincularán a Lasso con este delincuente,…

5 hours ago

Mana-bun~ 💙🌸🍵

RT @babsdraws: ✨ SAILOR SUITS ✨  July's ☆ STICKER CLUB ☆ is my biggest collection yet -- I've never given 5 single stickers before! If yo…

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