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Brian Kilmeade

Infuriating - That’s how I feel about the grandstanding by dems over the conditions for migrants at our border. Joi…

1 day ago

Lindsey Graham

Speaking with Brian @kilmeade on Fox News Radio now. LISTEN: sTo1aUjT

5 days ago


“When I found my dad dead in his armchair, f*cking Fox News was on the TV,” said one person. “It’s likely the last…

1 week ago

A Good Republican,

When your labor union dad gets radicalized by AM Radio and Fox News

6 minutes ago

A Sands

@DavidAFrench I’m sorry, did we eliminate the Fairness Doctrine & create right wing radio & Fox News? Did we employ…

11 minutes ago

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The Daily Show lied to us. Defending "the facts" and debunking Fox News are no substitute for politics. @LukewSavage

3 weeks ago

Guy Benson

Big @GuyBensonShow today: @MrAndyNgo joins me to discuss the Antifa assault in Portland — plus @Richardafowler on…

2 weeks ago

FOX News Radio

.@FoxBusiness' @trish_regan on what 2020 #Democrats don’t understand: higher taxes are never the answer! Check out…

2 weeks ago

Question_Everything Who runs runs news, and controls media advertising dollars? Conservatives, or liberals/Demo…

1 week ago

M Macias

@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @CNN Fox News has a bunch of little Socialists who make me turn the channel or radio dial…

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