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dr. Andi Khomeini Takdir

Saya bersedia back-up pak @jokowi, pak @prabowo, dkk untuk sama2 atasi potensi krisis extraordinary-multidimensi ge…

1 month ago

Jon Passantino

USC is offering international students *free* in-person classes after the Trump admin said they would have to leave…

1 month ago

Shannon Bream

BREAKING: Little Sisters of the Poor win their SCOTUS case - cannot be forced to take part in providing cost-free c…

1 month ago

M157q News RSS

Iconic Admin Dashboards - AdminLTE, Black Dashboard, CoreUI, Adminator, Material Dashboard waXl…

1 month ago


RT @ajplus: BREAKING: The Supreme Court ruled the Trump admin can allow employers to deny free birth control coverage to workers on religio…

1 month ago

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