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Charles Adler

The Trudeaus are Freeloaders. This is a luxurious vacay paid for by Cdn taxpayers, in my humble opinion. Please fe…

14 hours ago

Rashad Robinson

Reminder: Your first president owned 150 human beings, used loopholes to circumvent the law in order to keep them e…

16 hours ago

Rep. Ro Khanna

Democracy can't function without a free press. That's why I've cosponsored @RepSwalwell's Journalist Protection Act…

1 day ago


RT @dintersmith: Important parallels between skating and school. Do our schools reward innovation, stretching for big goals, taking risks?…

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Mona Shattell, PhD, RN, FAAN

RT @BarbaraShawDNP: The truth sets us free @theopedproject

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17-year-old Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky says he thinks lawmakers are using the mental health discussio…

3 days ago

Sen Dianne Feinstein

I feel a kind of anger today. The custom is don’t speak about it, just express grief the day after. Well, I’m tired…

4 days ago

Mark Dice

How many Mexican illegal aliens living in the U.S. meddled in our election by supporting Hillary Clinton on social…

3 days ago


@Dog__Person @KevinPascoe @CenterParcsUK @CenterParcsUK are crazy if they think that their customers will be please…

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