French tweets

Aidi Johari

@naimbrundage Potaoes make french fries and french fries FUELS THE WAR.

6 years ago

Daniel HM

Learning French Paragraphs whilst travelling in a Car #LikeaBoss

6 years ago


It's best to address an emotional situation with a close frien... More for Taurus

6 years ago

Sidra Shoukat

RT @EskiDance: 50 Cent tells Big Boy how French Montana Sold DJ Khaled Out: via @youtube

6 years ago


I wish she never went out! !!!!

6 years ago

nelly barlaud

@TheJoshuaButler French reply huh?does that mean ur French or just fluent?

6 years ago

Caroline Roberts

Eurghh and now I'm sitting next to a load of posh guys that keep finding it hilarious to repeat everything in french #stfu

6 years ago

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