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Bread Zenith

@paper2224 @Jakads More importantly is that Jakads is already the master of 7k and has a massive wealth of experien…

3 hours ago


My big problem with roblox right now is that there is nothing fresh. Usually there is a new trend that would catch…

7 hours ago

We've recently added a new set of fresh Casual Games to the site 🪑🎰 Feel free to have a browse and play some of th…

8 hours ago


RT @Genesisoflegend: Ok, in the last couple hours I might as well talk about the two new factions I am adding into the game. These are some…

9 hours ago

THICCzer-1 (Zachary Ortiz)

RT @truongasm: With modern games (ie SFV, GGS, MK9, etc.), the roster obviously gets a fresh start for balancing and to slowly build back u…

9 hours ago

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