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Jessica Laymon

Dropped off In nowheresville No place to go A road too still Sickle moon And frosty air Lost alone No one to care…

2 hours ago

Beatrix, Squeaky Derg

@frosty_clawz I'm happy to be your squeaky napping place and hey, if you feel lazy after waking up I can even carry you around.

3 hours ago


Anywhere there’s been major conflict I can think of is a place I couldn’t live (im just a frosty little gal)

5 hours ago

Tobias -Jango- S.

RT @Fraternity_Org: 🔥R6🔥 Congratulations to the first place and GGWP to @tt9r6 as they take the 7:1 win on Consulate. We are finishing the…

6 hours ago

Alison Berg

The second-most exciting thing about this is there is no Wendy’s in Steamboat, but there is in Craig (where this ev…

6 hours ago

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