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Ben Shapiro

This is just what God warned about in Deuteronomy 28:67. Now it's all coming to fruition thanks to repeal of…

8 hours ago


NEW: A giant Ferris wheel may become a permanent fixture on Pittsburgh's North Shore if a developer's plans come to…

25 minutes ago

Karyn Bryant

#NetNeutrality matters! Wondering how many of our favorite #MMA outlets could get screwed if this repeal truly does…

5 hours ago

Sergio Catron

RT @ChuckLawson901: East is playing like the team that a lot of local people didnt want to come to fruition...

47 seconds ago

Mike Kulbieda

When an idea comes to fruition with time and team collaboration in 7th grade CS @menloschool @makeymakey #makered…

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Dana Schwartz

I know it's too soon to use #Texas to talk gun control, so let's have that conversation now but it'll be about Vegas.

1 month ago

Shannon Watts

Spare me the tweets that it’s too soon to talk about how we could prevent tragedies like Sutherland Springs. For the victims, it’s too late.

1 month ago

Melissa Riley

RT @PolitiBunny: It was already illegal for the gunman to have a gun ... do we need to make it super duper illegal now? Gun. Law. Fail.

1 month ago


RT @Whensful: Baby Love [Done in 4 Hours] Next edit will be for Christmas and I will make it a full & finished pc edit :)…

1 month ago