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Josh Billinson

I can't get enough of people getting mad online because @NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence

1 month ago

Fox News

When asked if the government should have a “buy American, hire American” policy, 74% of Americans say ‘yes,’ accord…

1 month ago

Stephen Miller

"We're not the enemy of the American people. We'll just hunt you down and ruin the life of Americans who make fun of us online"

1 month ago

Sister Resister

RT @chrislhayes: Online anonymous posting is fine, often great! Also, you're gonna run some risk of being outed if, say, the President twee…

1 month ago


RT @angew_chem: Organogelator-Cellulose Composite for Practical and Eco-Friendly Marine Oil-Spill Recovery (Sureshan)…

1 month ago