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Lord Kaiser

@RPGSite This game received a fan translation made by a team that consists of Akujin and Hojo (Translators), MakoKn…

10 minutes ago

Glenn Duijzer

RT @vmfc: The programme editor would need to arrange for the content of each and every home game programme, probably around 20 a season. We…

16 minutes ago

Kyte Crow

@ProJared Game is 500% cringe and 1000% disgusting, but I enjoyed watching you and Ms Editor tear it to shreds. I t…

24 minutes ago


@MarvStylez @oBlazian that is besides the point the point is iw is a horrible game to edit not that people cant mak…

35 minutes ago


@MarvStylez @Foenex obviously any good editor can literally edit any video game good, but 90% of them would rather…

36 minutes ago

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