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Lil Devil Child

It’s August and I just asked my gchat what we’re doing for Halloween lmfaoooo I love spooky szn too much

14 hours ago


RT @guccimanesside: Let’s make a gchat for people with post notifications on 🙄💕 comment a screenshot and you’ll be added 🙈💙…

14 hours ago

Jackie Benoit

I can SOMETIMES rely on Alex and Pete but not always. And that’s about it for my gchat friends

1 day ago

James Queally

Hey, New York friends who like to read. There's two amazing new books from two amazing human beings here (and I'm s…

1 day ago

Kiki Milner

i’m interested in making a marvel movie. who’s with me??? i wanna play thanos and do tech, everything else is up fo…

1 day ago

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