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Dios X :D

RT @strikeharbinger: At #GDC18 today, senior designer Chris Tang discusses the cancellation and resurrection of legendary 90's fighter PRIM…

2 weeks ago


Get expert insight into how to build VR/AR training tools at XRDC -

3 weeks ago

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Piers Morgan

If Neymar wants to become of the greats of the game, he's got to stop thrashing around like a harpooned dolphin eve…

2 weeks ago

Christopher Mathias

Recap for those following at home. Over the past few weeks: Ron Paul tweeted out a racist and anti-Semitic cartoon…

2 weeks ago


There are 7 active NBA players with MVPs. All 7 of them are now in the Western Conference.

2 weeks ago


RT @_DanteJimenez_: So you’re telling me.. this man Anthony Davis wore your jersey in an all star game when you were injured hoping you wou…

2 weeks ago


なんか返信ないなと思うとなんか片思いフォローになってる事があって、切なくなるからブロックしてから解除して相互解除にしてほしい(´ω`;) 外すのめんどくさい。てか、ファンでもない一般人の発言観察してるの恥ずかしいし、普通にお友達と…

2 weeks ago