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Malynda Hale

I have a question. Why is mental illness and lack of mental health an appropriate excuse for a mass shooter but n…

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Chris Hayes

You’re telling me I have to buckle my seatbelt even though I have airbags!!! Either the airbags work or the seatbel…

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RT @eiki_1105ng: 🔥\毎日フォロー&RT #プレゼント/🔥 参加者4000人Over継続中👍🔥 - #Amazonギフト or #PayPay の 1500円分を2名様に✨👍⭕️ [応募方法] 1️⃣ @shell_brave11 をフォロー🔥 2️⃣投稿を…

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Chris Earls

RT @ianmSC: Fauci 5/19: “If you are vaccinated, you can feel safe—that you will not get infected either outdoors or indoors” Fauci 7/23: “…

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