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- Miebaka Joshua.

RT @officialdaddymo: There are big differences between a fully grown beard, a diet beard, a struggle beard, bear bear and gemu.

8 hours ago

Kabir Shema

Allah Allah ne. Idan ya baka tsawo sai ya hana ka connected gemu. Idan ya baka connected gemu kuma sai ya hana ka t…

10 hours ago

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Demi Lovato Thank you @voguemagazine and Ivana Rihter for writing such an eye-opening and important art…

1 month ago

Imran Khan

NS's problem is he has always played with his own umpires and wanted a judge like Justice Qayyum whom he could infl…

1 month ago


Guys, Aaron Pico did it again.

1 month ago

☕ 라떼

RT @YourMuseBot: 캐릭터의 '단점'은 과연 단점일까? 입체적인 캐릭터를 만드는 '단점'의 요령. (번역하여 올라옵니다) 원문은

4 weeks ago

Dave Duke

RT @RickBishopHomes: 25 Days to #1. Mental & Physical preparedness lead to strong performances. You get but one chance to live each chapt…

4 weeks ago