Ghost Whisperer tweets


@EmirAshraff > ? Apa tu? "Lebih besar daripada ke?" Haha. She came with my laptop, and her song was on Ghost Whisperer.

5 years ago


But for now, I'm enjoying Ghost Whisperer.

5 years ago

Marissa Truax✌

@K_Pow_Inyoface how about you get that ghost whisperer over there to do it

5 years ago

alexa lamantia

Staying up watching ghost whisperer just because i can #noclassnofinal

5 years ago

Sarah Jennings

Still up watching ghost whisperer... #lastone #iswear #sorrytanner

5 years ago


@bsnyder77 I'm actually a ghost whisperer. I spoke with a ghost at my friend Jose's yesterday. He was an interesting fella.

5 years ago

Lashai So Lovely

Watching "Ghost Whisperer"

5 years ago

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