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RT @masterjai46: @BoomerSm @Fagboy933 @Hungyoungbrit2 @K1nkMega @BrendanValto @danielvers3 We all have things that we’re good at, like you…

2 weeks ago

Blurred Verse

@Macid3000 @alabamavikings @european_kate @Charlie_45uk @David_Vaporium @tony80554056 @MattFingersArni @edeysal…

2 weeks ago

James Patrick Riley

Handi-capable heads up... Gimps who stay up late, lonely, and alone... Those infomercials on at 2 am on Sunday morn…

2 weeks ago


RT @EamonnG86: Sums up all the club or rather the gimps are interested in right there #GlazersOut

2 weeks ago

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