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@jamessals4 @princexaiden @ikarislives This the only guy worthy of adulation. Not Biden, not Trump and certainly no…

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Anxious Man with No Plan

@WilliamPecota @TimJalapeno @mlgmasterchief @ARuiz628 @LatinoRifleOrg This is an even worse take lmao, the state ca…

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ًCameron 🗣

@Twitch69696969 @Suprssr @Easiily @Uwfaa @ThyPlacement yeah and i have free healthcare for when ur mentally unstabl…

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Vale Betty Heslop

People think that I was Janet Jackson's private gimp, but I have always bursaried in my prison of a mind with Simba, of The Lion King fame

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John Warren

@MysterySolvent What? That Mike Pence is copying Trump's wierd posture so Trump doesn't look so stupid. Standing l…

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