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このデカカメラバッグが中野のフジヤカメラで2万くらい。たく- さん入るので悪くない。 Msokayt

2 weeks ago

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Isaiah Thomas

Our heads woulda been blown off already.... This is crazy

2 weeks ago

Fred Wellman

Seeing TV pundits dismiss the idea of removing Trump from office immediately is exactly how we got here. The chatt…

2 weeks ago


But everyone predicted that this would happen. We all knew it, all the media, all the journalists...even ME! Why…

2 weeks ago

Mike Rohr

RT @TheWatchers1456: Congress is actively debating Pennsylvanias electoral votes but none none of them, not @FoxNews, not @CNN, not @MSNBC…

2 weeks ago


RT @Plum_exe: Heads up if you’re looking at Biden’s account and stuff

2 weeks ago