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श्रीलंकाई प्रधानमंत्री ने दुनियाभर के लोगों से की अपील, कहा- अब देश सुरक्षित है, पर्यटन के लिए आइए

2 days ago

Jonathan Givony

Source: The NBA Global Camp has been canceled due to logistical issues with the venue in Monaco, as well as other c…

4 days ago


Our regular mid-week look at global air travel. Track nearly 16,000 flights right now at or…

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Stop by NEC stand (A5080) at the UITP Global Summit to find out how Papercast e-paper displays are so efficient the…

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Donald Trump Jr.

Imagine how upset the Democrats & the Media must be that the terrible California shooter was stopped by an off duty…

4 weeks ago

Donald J. Trump

Sincerest THANK YOU to our great Border Patrol Agent who stopped the shooter at the Synagogue in Poway, California.…

4 weeks ago

Shannon Watts

Actually, the Poway shooting underscores the unlikelihood of average civilians stopping shooters - a highly trained…

4 weeks ago

Just saying⭐⭐⭐

RT @charliekirk11: Only in America could a shooter who hates Trump for being too kind to Jews and Israel, be stopped by a armed off duty bo…

4 weeks ago