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Cat Smith

Voter ID is a blatant attempt by the Tories to rig the result of the next general election. 3.5 million don’t have…

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Apex Legends

She's got a bone to pick. 💀 Death walks among us with the La Catrina Bangalore skin. Available during the Fight or…

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Times LIVE

Analysis suggests that money from VBS found its way into Malema's or the EFF's hands through a company called Santa…

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Vashti Vale

RT @careyhelmick: I wrote this a couple months ago and now California has banned the practice of denying a regular meal (or food at all) to…

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Al Wetenhall

RT @BenJolly9: How many people on universal credit or zero hour contracts can afford the luxury of driving lessons? Or a passport? This is…

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Rudy Giuliani

Schiff must be suspended. There must be an independent investigation. Is NYT correct that Schiff concealed knowing…

1 week ago

Nigel Farage

The new offer to Brussels resembles an attempt to put lipstick on a pig. A clean break Brexit instead means we ca…

1 week ago


Forgiveness is the attribute of the Strong..Mahatma Gandhi.

1 week ago

kentang rebus

RT @sehun_hehehe: Chanyeol World Knowledge Forum Chanyeol Acqua Di Parma Chanyeol What A Life Chanyeol LOEY Chanyeol Writer Chanyeol Compos…

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