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Katharine Trendacosta

Netflix adopting the model that got Facebook video plays counts in so much trouble. (i.e.: the numbers are lies.)

1 day ago

Jamie Dupree

And we've got our first demonstrator in the gallery. That should wake up anyone having trouble staying awake on the floor of the Senate

8 hours ago

Jonathan Alter

Cippllone just said Democrats were “projecting”—then engages in nothing but projection himself by saying it was DEM…

1 day ago

Gary Parker

RT @MolineuxBlue: Having trouble getting key flicks to work in #iOS whilst using #VoiceOver. Anyone got any tips? @AppleVis @TripleTapTech…

just now

Kuro Kiryu

I’ve got good expectations for you. If you run into any trouble, come let me know

just now

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