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|L I Z Z O|

Ah!!! Two very different body types rockin the same glamour and gown biiiitch—the DEFINITION of inclusive

2 weeks ago


[User Content] Watch Red Velvet take a friendship test including compliments, trust falls, & more in 'Glamour' inte…

2 weeks ago

Maya Jama

Presenting an award for the @StylistMagazine #remarkablewomenawards tonight ❤️ Hollywood glamour huntyyyys

2 weeks ago


Stay tuned for a weekend of beauty fun! #GLAMOURBeautyFest #BootsBeauty

2 weeks ago


Gold & Glamour Beauty Boutique - Be glamorous - Be beautiful - Be you.⠀ Gold & Glamour Beauty Boutique is situated…

2 weeks ago

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