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The Last Emperor HBomb

@drnickgreiner Soon. I wanna go to NYC and roll at Renzo's gym If you and the fam head to LA before we split, il…

1 day ago

Groovy スティーブン⚜️✊🏽

@chad_delinquent yea i respect bjj it’s just not the art i chose to train. there’s a gracie academy in my neighborh…

2 days ago


@RyronGracie My first day at Gracie Academy in August 1996 (on Carson Street) I bought a “natural colored Gi” and a…

2 days ago


Sanitizing the Academy. We do this after EVERY class! 😃 @ Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Team HK

2 days ago

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Chris Geidner

It really is amazing that all of the networks just aired an hourlong show celebrating students graduating during a…

1 month ago

Walter Shaub

The House questioned Hillary Clinton for 11 hours straight once. Now it's Pompeo's turn. This attack on Inspectors…

1 month ago


If you don't come out of this with the understanding the ruling class & political elite will never care about you o…

1 month ago

Mehar Adnan

@D53409464 @iconformist @muhammadraza201 @nayadaurpk He himself is suffering from identity crisis he is probably be…

1 month ago

hey demons it's ya gurl, mel

@eatpeaches that's straight cis men bb!!

1 month ago