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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Kahraman güvenlik güçlerimiz 181 terör eylemini engelledi. Engellenen eylemler sonucu yüz binlerce mühimmat da ele…

3 weeks ago

Nancy Pelosi

Without a single Republican vote, our Democratic Majorities in Congress and Pres. Biden rescued our economy — deliv…

2 weeks ago

Glenn Kirschner

As 2021 - the year of The Big Lie - comes to a close, I’m very much looking forward to the Jan. 6 committee public…

2 weeks ago

Minya Bis Nass

RT @TheEliKlein: It’s 2022 & unvaccinated people shouldn’t be discriminated against. They shouldn’t be marginalized or questioned. They sho…

2 weeks ago

The Beast

And can we have more Cuban coffee please? Open on Saturdays ..and in the press box ? Cmon

2 weeks ago