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Raymond Donald ⭐⭐⭐

@TomJoad_is_dead @freedom_moates @Acosta You should really take the time to learn proper punctuation. jBz48g9s

1 hour ago

kay collins

This is just poor grammar, you silly orange monster.

3 hours ago

ACT Prep Academy

RT @grammarmonster: Aid or Aide? 🤓🤔 Aid means help or assistance. 🏥 To aid means to help or to assist. 🚑🚔 An aide is a helper or an assist…

3 hours ago

Tweety McRanterson

Media, shmedia. It’s his own words. His own tweets. He’s not a monster, he’s a moron with narcissistic personalit…

5 hours ago

Piggott A Level Lang

RT @grammarmonster: Using more than one adjective consecutively is known as enumeration of adjectives. Read about it here:…

5 hours ago

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