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Lou Dobbs

DOJ, FBI and even grand jury rigged against @realDonaldTrump--Dimms and Leftists' control rigged prosecutors and co…

1 week ago

Matthew Miller

Trump is going to either submit to an interview or plead the fifth after he gets a grand jury subpoena. There reall…

1 week ago

Kambree Kawahine Koa

One year ago at the 2017 #GoldenGlobes #SheKnew Alyssa Milano was having a grand ole time at Weinstein's after part…

1 week ago


@SrBachchan Sir your cameraman/ woman is supremely talented! Such poetic clicks! So much depth, clarity and emotion!! Grand shots!!!

1 week ago

Shábbìr A. Tipu

Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf Corporate AV I Morning Part via @YouTube #GrandSultan #Bangladesh #Morning

1 week ago

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