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【国際ルールCUSE違反の韓国が謝罪要求とは。軌を逸脱『韓国国防省「低空飛行」で日本に謝罪要求=哨戒機レーダー照射問題』】 P-1哨戒機は韓国駆逐艦から水平に約500m離隔し高度も150mは維持しておりICAOも航空法にも合致し危…

1 month ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

If you want change, it’s best to do it in small steps. Giant leaps may not last. Remember, nothing is easy. No quic…

1 month ago


Looking for a new development project to start off the new year? Our #commercial team can advise you from start to…

1 month ago

Shaun Wolchinsky

RT @DanCrenshawTX: Enough with semantic arguments over the word “wall”. Stop pretending that ancillary “solutions” (drones, sensors) is…

1 month ago