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FYI: It’s Coco and my 19th Anniversary.. Pic is from our 1st year together. Some things are a natural and you just…

1 month ago

Hillary Clinton

With Australia on fire and the Arctic in meltdown, it's clear we're in a climate emergency. I'm proud to support…

1 month ago

Wolf Conservation Center

"If we leave wolves alone, we’ll be the ones to benefit – for the presence of wolves in our natural world evokes th…

1 month ago

에리까 ♡

RT @ipazbp__: el tono de piel natural de yunho es absolutamente maravilloso. Como el brillo resalta sus pómulos y nariz. Como las pequeñas…

1 month ago


RT @ChizuruA1: 子ども達にこんなひもじい惨めな思いをさせる国って、先進国とはいえないと思う。 子ども達の人権、社会保障を優先させるためにも、若い人たち、2020年からは選挙行こうよ。社会は変われるんだよ。

1 month ago